FEAMP - Thinking European

FEAMP - Thinking European

A tool to support the environment and the economy

At this time, the European territories and coastal communities are facing important challenges linked to the, now evident, need to protect the marine environment and its resources on the one hand and favour a sustainable local socio-economic development on the other. The crisis of traditional activities related to fishing, the worrying contraction of fish resources, the absolutely precarious biological balance in which some species survive, the degradation of the aquatic environment and the danger hanging over the marine ecosystem as a whole, are aspects that should not be underestimated and should be effectively addressed.

In addition, the fishing and aquaculture market has undergone significant changes in recent years: 60% of fish, molluscs and crustaceans consumed by Europeans are imported from countries outside the European Union and aquaculture is becoming increasingly important worldwide.

The community policies in support of the sector, beginning with the European Fisheries Fund - EFF (a financial instrument that the European Union set up in the period 2007-2013), by financing numerous projects (aimed at establishing a balance between resources and fishing capacity, protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources, supporting the competitiveness and economic viability of the sector, improving the quality of life in fishing areas, promoting equality between men and women working in the sector), they will continue to support activities in the sector, for the period 2014-2020, thanks to the European Union's Maritime and Fisheries Policy Fund (EUMFPF).


http://ec.europa.eu/ - European Fisheries Fund Instructions for use 2007-2013

Act locally, think European

The Coastal Action Group responds to the specific needs of its territory

In this context, the link between the opportunities made available by the EFF and the construction of works connected to them in a specific territory, can only be a body that has its roots in the territory itself, that knows the history, economic and social dynamics, strengths and weaknesses, a body that is able to prioritise and plan effectively and timely actions in its own area,.

The GAC, Coastal Action Group, fully responds to this need by offering support and guidance to the Municipalities and small operators in the sector, including through the creation, together with the Category Associations, of three Service Centres in the area and networking the necessary knowledge and skills to implement the opportunities offered by European programming. The GAC is a tool that promotes dialogue and coordination between all the local entities who are willing to share their skills and experience for the benefit of their land and sea. In this way the GAC promotes and favours the sustainable development of fishing and works for the recovery, development and enhancement of this important market sector.

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