Chioggia and the Po Delta supply chain

Chioggia and the Po Delta supply chain

Employees in the supply chain of the FLAG territory

With regard to the number of employees working in this sector, they represent 17.07% of those employed in the territory with 3,712 employees, of whom 1,189 are employed in the fishing sector and 1,326 in the aquaculture sector.
Also in this case it is evident that this sector assumes a significant importance in the municipality of Porto Tolle where 46.08% of employees are employed in activities related to fishing.

The fishing industry companies located in the territory of the FLAG CAG Chioggia and Po Delta (30/06/2016)
Sector of activity Chioggia Rosolina Porto
Total Area GAC
Fishing 333 49 53 450 885
Aquaculture 101 142 74 990 1.307
Processing and preservation of fish, crustaceans and molluscs 13 1 7 0 21
Wholesale trade in other products 82 7 19 5 113
Retail of fish, crustaceans and molluscs 13 1 4 0 18
Total 542 200 157 1445 2344
Total Number of enterprises in the CAG territory 3.935 1.021 1.546 2.203 8.705
Percentage of fishing enterprises 13,77% 19,59% 10,16% 65,59% 26,93%
Source: processed by the CCIAA Venice Rovigo Delta Lagunare Statistics and Research Centre on Infocamere-StockView

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