Monitoring will be by a specialized technical structure set up using a publicly open selection procedure.
The form of monitoring activities, by GAC on the implementation of local development strategy and cooperation on projects as set out in the Plan of Action, will be based on the use of specific indicators, as well as on the progress of the Plan of Action’s expenditure.
The purpose of the LDP monitoring and evaluation system is to measure the progress, efficiency and efficacy of the Plan with respect to the proposed objectives and strategy.

The monitoring system provides punctual and periodic monitoring of:
  • specific objectives of the Plan of Action;
  • action of the PoA;
  • single project (progress and indicators).
The evaluation uses a grid of indicators allowing an assessment of the starting, intermediate and final situations (financial, physical and impact thereof) of the Plan of Action. These indicators will be defined:
  • on the basis of what was proposed in the PdA and envisaged at the time of the publication of the tender notices;
  • taking into account the indications that will be provided by the organizations during the debate of the PoA proposal;
  • on the basis of the proposals made by the recipients/implementers when presenting the projects;
The monitoring, control and evaluation system includes the following activities:
  • identification of all projects, allowed and financed by GAC, carried out;
  • identifying the indicators to be evaluated for each operation by the recipient/implementer;
  • periodic recording of the progress (financial, physical and procedural) of each financed operation;
Based on the data collected and monitored:
  • an annual evaluation (by 30 June of each year)
  • an intermediate evaluation for analysis of the results of the Plan of Action and the possible revision of the Plan of Action itself,will be carried out.

This will be done together with the mid-term evaluation (to be carried out mid-2019).

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