The area of the FLAG 620 km of resources

The area of the FLAG 620 km of resources

The CAG FLAG Chioggia Po Delta covers the coastal regions of Veneto in the Upper Adriatic Sea, specifically the Municipalities of Chioggia, Rosolina, Porto Viro and Porto Tolle. These territories extend for about 620 square kilometers and count over 80 thousand inhabitants, with a population density of 130.0 inhabitants /sq km (compared to a regional average of 269.1 inhab / sq km).

Within the FLAG territory there are transitional environments both in the area of ​​Chioggia (southern Venice Lagoon) and in the Polesine area (lagoons of Caleri, Marinetta, Barbamarco and sacs of Canarin and Scardovari); 24 fishing areas that extend for about 8,000 hectares, in which, in addition to trawling which over time has become the prevailing economy as opposed to aquaculture, there is extensive breeding of mullet, sea bream and sea bass, of littoral crabs, caramote prawn, eels and fattening up  of T. philippinarum.

The presence of fishing areas, sacs, lagoons and marine environment allows the development of different fishing and breeding systems.

Mappa territorio Gac

The production system is among the most important in Italy and Europe and has a fishing fleet to match, an advanced, competitive production system of aquaculture and an important infrastructural network (fish markets, fishing ports.

The fish supply The fish supply chain is well represented in all segments from production, processing, storage transformation and marketing, there are more than 2,300 companies and about 3,300 employees in the sector. There are also numerous Production Organizations that over time are trying to give value to local producers who encounter high quantities and low market prices. Production is supported by 4 Fish Markets (Chioggia, Pila, Porto Viro and Scardovari) and from Mollusc Shipment Centres, among which are those of Punta Poli in Chioggia, Pila and Scardovari.

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