Participatory path

Participatory path

Description of the main planning stages

The organization of the planned activities for the formation of the Plan of Action CAG FLAG Chioggia e Delta del Po relative to the maritime compartment of Chioggia (Municipalities of Chioggia, Rosolina, Porto Viro and Porto Tolle) territory, as envisioned by the National Operational Program (PO FEAMP) 2014/2020 the joint planning phase of the Plan of Action was begun and is divided into the following phases:

The  first phase involving the entities that make up the partnership

  • Initial technical meeting to define the objectives, logical framework, main projects of the plan and initial sharing of the economic-financial plan,
  • Technical meeting to share the final version of the plan of action to be sent to the Veneto Region.

2nd phase involvement of the local community

  • Submission and presentation of project initiatives, cooperation in setting up the plan of action by the main interested parties in the territory,
  • Meeting for elaboration and sharing of the SWOT analysis and participation for the definition of the main plans of action,
  • Meeting to illustrate and share an advanced draft of the plan of action.

Involvement of the local community

During the activities’ planning phase, the need for greater involvement of the local community emerged in order to obtain useful information for the definition of the local development strategy.
This involvement was through:

  • Questionnaire to determine the needs of the territory where the local community expressed its views as to which are the most urgent interventions;
  • a thematic table included within the activities of the Foce Contract where the partnership’s general ideas for local development strategy were explained. The importance of the questionnaires for identifying the most urgent needs of the territory was also reiterated during this meeting;
  • two meetings in the local communities of Chioggia and Porto Viro (including the entire Delta del Po area) where the results of the questionnaires were deliberated with the assembly in order to obtain further input to improve the PDA.
The SWOT analysis was also presented to the members of the GAC assembly so that they could share it with the local community and provide information about their findings and the importance to be given to each item.
The involvement of the local community was also supported by demonstrating local development strategies and activities carried out by the individual members of the GAC who targeted the interested parties in their own associations and municipal areas.
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