Other categories

Other categories

Among the founder members of the CAG are institutions and private organizations which - operating in the specific sectors of fishing and aquaculture within the territory act as players in the market dynamic - adhere to the aims of the Coastal Action Group and participate in its development.


The "FISHING FOUNDATION" aims to encourage, promote and support any initiative of economic, social, scientific and cultural value in the fishing sector and related activities.

ALTOADRIATICO - Portal of the Upper Adriatic

The Portal of the Upper Adriatic collects results with the cooperation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto regions in Italy, the coastal community of Isola in Slovenia, the Istrian Region and the Litoraneo Montana Region in Croatia.

BANCADRIA COLLI EUGANEI - Cooperative Credit Bank

The result of a recent merger between two Cooperative Credit Institutes, Bancadria is a cooperative bank that offers services to families, small and medium-sized businesses and in general to all the local entrepreneurial fabric, from fishing to manufacturing, from traditional and innovative production sectors to services.

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