Rombo liscio


Scientific name: Scophthalmus rhombus

Belonging to the turbot family, it is very similar to turbot but it is distinguishable above all by the absence of bone protuberances and the smaller body shape.


The right side, where the eyes are positioned, is a beige or brown colour, very camouflaged, with small dark spots, while the left side is light pink. The scales are very adherent to the body so as to give the skin a smooth appearance. It can reach 7 kg in weight and 70 cm in length.


The turbot can be found along European coasts in the eastern Atlantic, it is widespread throughout the Mediterranean and in particular it can be found in the Adriatic Sea. It lives exclusively on sandy or muddy bottoms between 15 and 70 metres deep. The young can bear different concentrations of salinity and can be found in brackish waters, even a few centimetres deep.


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