Gruppo Azione Costiera Chioggia e Delta del Po

Gruppo Azione Costiera Chioggia e Delta del Po

The FLAG GAC (Coastal Action Group) Chioggia e Delta del Po, is a local operational unit that supports the action of public and private entities in the fishing and aquaculture sectors in the Municipalities of Chioggia, Rosolina, Porto Viro and Porto Tolle.

The FLAG operates a CLLD (Community Led Local Development) with a Plan of Action entitled "Development of the blue economy for overall growth in the Chioggia and Delta del Po territory " (approved by DDR n 10 of 20 October 2016) which has been implemented via resources set up by the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries EFMAF 2014-2020. The FLAG GAC Chioggia e Delta del Po, to be specific, has a financial budget of 3,150,000.00 euros.

The thematic areas of the Local Development Strategy of the FLAG GAC Chioggia e Delta del Po, are:

  • Development and innovation of supply chains and local production systems (agro-food, craft and manufacturing, fishery);
  • Evaluation and management of environmental and natural resources;
  • Urban regeneration with the creation of inclusive services and spaces for the community.

The objectives of the FLAG GAC Chioggia e Delta del Po Local Development Strategy, are:

  • Enhancing, creating jobs, attracting young people and promoting innovation at all stages of the fisheries and aquaculture production chain;
  • Support diversification, in- or outside commercial fishing, lifelong learning and job creation in fishing and aquaculture;
  • Improve and exploit the environmental heritage of fishing and aquaculture, including interventions aimed at mitigating climate change;
  • Promote social well-being and cultural heritage in fishing and aquaculture, including fisheries, aquaculture and maritime cultural heritage;
  • Strengthen the role of fishing communities in local development and in the governance of local fishing resources and maritime activities.
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