Action 3.C

Action 3.C

Transformation, marketing and enhancement of the fished product

Title Description
Specific objective To promote the development of measures aimed at enhancing product value and shortening supply chains
Action: (CODE) Action 1.A
Transformation, marketing and enhancement of the fished product
Purpose of the Action The high reproduction of some species with low commercial value forces companies and producer organizations to preserve, work on and transform their local products in order to improve their value and enter new markets, in line with consumer habits
Methods of implementation Public tender project
Territorial area of ​​implementation Internal organization of the CAG Chioggia e Delta del Po

Eligible activities

  • Small-scale production of processed products
  • Promotion / enhancement of processed products
  • Creation / adaptation of special areas for commercialization also direct selling
Subjects eligible for funding Producer Organizations, Consortia, Cooperatives, Fishing Companies (with rewards for new female and youth employment)
Products and expected results At least 2 transformation operations
At least 3 projects for value improvement and marketing
State aid n.p.
Estimated expenditure Total: 562.500,00 €
Public contribution: 450.000,00 €
When and in what order are the activities Scheduled start in 2017 for about 48 months of operation
Person responsible for the implementation Winning bid contractors

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