Financial plan

Financial plan

This section shows the financial costs for the implementation of the LDS and the relative allocation both for the costs incurred as referenced in art. 35 of Reg. (EU) n. 1303/2013, and for each of the projects included in the PdA referred to in Chapter 7, as well as for annuities.

Financial plan by cost type

Types of costs Total expenditure €* Public contribution € % Private financing % Other public financing %
1) Preliminary support 30.000,00 30.000,00 100,00
2) Execution of the operations 2.980.000,00 80,50 375.000,00 15,60 205.000,00 8,50
3) Cooperation activities 150.000,00 150.000,00 100,00
4) Management operating costs** 600.000,00 600.000,00 100,00
5) Activity costs** 200.000,00 200.000,00 100,00
TOTAL 3.960.000,00 3.380.000,00 85,40 375.000,00 9,50 205.000,00 5,20

Total net expenditure of preliminary support and reserve (Chapter 2 c.2 of the Multiregional Agreement) must be between 1.000.000 and 5.000.000 €.
** At the end of the implementation phase, the total value of the support for running and Activities costs, as per letters d) and e) of art. 35.1 of Reg. (EU) n. 1303/2013, for each strategy, must not exceed 25% of the total public expenditure referred to in letters b), c), d) and e) of art. 35.1 of Reg. (EU) n. 1303/2013.

Preliminary support

Costs Total expenditure €*
Training and information initiatives for interested parties
Studies of the area concerned
Planning of the shared local development strategy, including consultancy and projects related to the consultation of the interested parties for the preparation of the strategy 20.000,00
Administrative costs (operating and personnel costs) of an organization applying for preliminary support during the preparation phase 10.000,00
Expenditure relating to support for small pilot projects
TOTAL 30.000,00

* The total expenses for preliminary support cannot exceed € 30.000,00

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